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The BAKJA Convalescence Home has been assessed as an EXCELLENT SERVICE PROVIDER by patients, their families and other stakeholders.

The home is set in an area bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The main apartment building has been refurbished and extended in 2013.

Extensive alternations were made and the grounds landscaped. There are several medicinal to be found in the grounds. There are ornate decorative carving around the house that reflect an interest in nature.

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The BAKJA Convalescence Home is  a department of BAKJA Health Movement, catering for  elderly patients in the following categories: Dementia, Old Age, Physical Disability and Terminal Illness). Situated in the village of Triumph, 13 miles from Georgetown, the Home is off the East Coast Demerara Highway and is on the main car/bus route.


The Home has been operating for the past 28 years and specializes in a variety of medical areas using Herbal and Alternative methods of treatment.

Day and Night Home Care Services are available for children and adults.

Special appointments can be arranged with appropriate accommodation and transportation for clients.

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For further information and brochure please contact:

Ms Isha Aowmathi

Executive Secretary

e-mail :

or e-mail: bakja_h_m@hotmail.com

Telephone :  592-220-2254/220-2130/624-7111


Website www.Bakjahealth.com

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The main house comprises of one floor of single and shared rooms, the majority of which have en-suite facilities providing accommodation for residents.

This state of the art care facility has been built and finished to the highest of standards incorporating many eco-friendly design features. Comfortably and stylishly designed with the most progressive state of the art equipment to make caring a little easier.

  • All rooms are beautifully decorated
  • A television point is installed in every room, with smoke detectors and nurse call system.
  • Direct dial telephone can be installed if required.
  • Residents’ own furniture is accommodated where practicable.
  • A modern ventilation system is fitted and all equipment are thermostatically controlled.

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Qualified Care

The nursing care is maintained to the highest standard of excellence, with qualified nurses on duty day and night. Staff are selected for their nursing experience, kindness and dedication. The aim is to provide a safe and stimulating environment, yet preserving dignity and independence.


All residents receive individual care. Staff are trained and their records are checked and cleared on a regular basis. Weekly physiotherapy, chiropody, hairdressing and aromatherapy sessions are available. Bathing facilities have been designed with the elderly in mind and specialized baths have been installed to assist residents. All taps on the baths have controlled valves. Toilets and corridors have conveniently located handrails. The building conforms in all aspects to the current fire prevention and Health and Safety Regulations.

BAKJA Convalescence Home invests in people and has been commended for its work over the years.



Carefully prepared food with fresh ingredients, from our own five star rated kitchens.


Special Diets are catered for and resident’s suggestions are always welcome. Meals may be taken in the elegant dining room or in the residents’ own room if preferred.


Laundry The majority of the laundry is undertaken in-house in our modern laundry.


Residents who come from the surrounding area may remain under the care of their own doctor. Residents who come from outside the area may find it necessary to transfer to a local doctor.


Our vehicles are available for outings and outpatient appointments.

Social Activities

Social activities of all kinds are arranged by ourown Activities Co-ordinator and range from gardening to cooking; exercising to playing indoor games. All residents are invited to join in if they choose.

Range of Care

Care is provided for all types of resident, both long and short term, including day care and convalescing medical and surgical patients. Enquiries and Visitors

Enquiries and visitors are always welcome at anytime.