Bakja Health Movement and GAAMI at Guyana National Producers Exhibition 2016

The 2016 Guyexpo was attended and participated by The Bakja Health Movement and The Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute(GAAMI). This is a yearly international exhibition hosted by the Government of Guyana. Our participation is to sensitize the need to include herbal and tradition medicine in the health care system, therefore we are hereby able to exhibit treatment and medicine conducted by our nurses and doctor as well as our Care for the Elderly programme. Needless to remind many that the (WHO) World Health Organization has been lobbing successfully with a variety of countries which have adopted this art of medicine in their health care system.

Photograph from the exhibition can be view here.

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The Minister Of Health, Hon.Dr.George Norton at our booths with Dr. I Aowmathi

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Bakja Health Movement and GAAMI at Guyana National Produce Exhibition

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