1. Teaching Hospital


Our teaching hospital will pursue three related enterprises:Teaching: Training medical students and resident physicians Research: Conducting both basic science and clinical investigation Patient care: Delivering health care services through a network that may include one or more hospitals, satellite clinics, and physician office practices. This results in a health system that encourages the highest standards of quality and provides access to the most up-to-date treatments. It also fosters an environment where many people are always thinking about the patient’s condition, leading to more thorough patient care (although also resulting in patient visits with multiple members of the health care team).


2. Health & Wellness Resort

Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara

Inside the Health &  Wellness Resort, you will enter a friendly world of staff and like-minded guests who are interested in you achieving rest and relaxation, health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. Tempt your senses with healthy resort dining, a spa and fitness center, and a sparkling oceanfront pools for your enjoyment. At the Health &  Wellness Resort, you will find comfort, service and the sunshine lifestyle.


3. Vegetarian Restaurant

 vegetarian restaurant : Woman chopping carrots with mixed vegetable.

The food we create reflects the diverse cultural background in which we grew up. The menu will change monthly to reflect the seasons but will always have a couple of signature dishes. The wine menu offers vegetarian wines with a selection of vegan, bio dynamic, organic and natural wines.


4. Nature Village

Asian Village Mud House Stock Image - 6074141

Nature Village will demonstrate how to  construct our sustainable future. This means restoring environments and cultures through low impact, low cost and totally natural sustainable community developments. We will use earth-based construction methods to promote the end of poverty and  homelessness.We seek to provide this stable, life affirming option for everyone who senses the value of living in true balance with nature, consciousness and communities of people we love deeply.


5. Bakja Herbal Garden

 herb garden : Fresh herbs in wooden box with garden tools on grass

 Our herb garden will be purely functional and will include a blend of functional and ornamental plants. The herbs will be used to flavour food in cooking, though they may also be used in other ways, such as discouraging pests, providing pleasant scents, or serving medicinal purposes (e.g., a physic garden), among others.