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Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute

Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute is the training and educational arm of Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine. Having been established in September 2008, it works in partnership with SCHULE FUR ANGEWANDTE NATURHEILKUNDE (SCHOOL OF NATUROPATHY)
Witikonerstrasse 295, CH-8053 Zurich/Switzerland
88 Carmichael Street South Cummingsburg Georgetown Guyana SA.

The structure of the Institute shall be the official and recognized training establishment for the Guyana Association of Alternative Medicine, as well as the general council and register of medical herbalists and other alternative medical practitioners and therapists.

GAAMI is designed to provide certification of the academic students and the non-academic students who have attained a good standard of education, and wish to pursue a career in Herbal, Alternative and Integrated Medicine. The courses address the skills and knowledge acquired by students under a flexible and articulated system where subjects are organized in modules for three years. Year One (Courses 1-5),Year Two (Courses 1-6), Year Three (Courses1-11).

GAAMI’s Healing Practitioners Advanced Diploma will be awarded for the satisfactory completion of the complete three year program. Diplomas are also awarded for courses taken for a minimum of two years. Students taking individual subjects for under two years will be awarded certificates, if successful. Particulars of applicants’ educational background should be submitted with their enrolment application. Offered in the syllabi are English, Mathematics and other literacy courses up to CXC level to facilitate non-academic students.

Our Vision

Lead the development of primary health care through education and research in herbal, alternative, naturopathic and integrated medicine.

Our Mission

Educate, develop and train healing practitioners through the integration of the physical and spiritual unification of the human being stressing health education, clinical services and research.

Our Philosophy

We are offering part-time professional vocational training in the field of Herbal and Alternative Medicine and our primary goal is to bring positive dialogue and integrative relationships between Indigenous and Allopathic medicine. The Healing Practitioner must have fundamental knowledge of Allopathic or Conventional medicine. This will help the Healing Practitioner to lend complementary support in the health sector, thus being our reason for offering students both areas of medicine. This also includes university medical students who, in our opinion, should have knowledge of Indigenous and Alternative medicine, especially in developing nations.

We hold firm to the belief of the World Health Organization (WHO) that this combination has a bright and positive feature in contributing to human health and medical science. This philosophy is shared by 1.5 million Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners (CAM) worldwide. Our school is equipped with a Clinic for integrated holistic medicine. This enables students to conduct practical case studies and research while pursuing their diploma and certificate programs at GAAMI.

GAAMI’s Aims and Objectives

1. To provide a training facility international in scope and activity for persons who are already engaged in the profession of Herbal, Alternative and Integrated medicine and those who wish to pursue academic and practical training in this field.
2. To provide training both academic and practical to a standard of experience, proficiency and ability which is essential for their registration as practitioners and therapists, thereby conferring upon them a recognized status.
3. To serve as an academic centre in order to develop and coordinate skills for various forms of traditional and alternative health care modalities.
4. To conduct examinations in the theory and practice of the outlined curriculum and to issue diplomas and certificates of merits and proficiencies on the results thereof.
5. To have students conduct their professional lives with the propriety and dignity becoming a servant of the public, and that under no circumstances infringe the code of morality becoming of their profession and commit no breach of conduct that will to any degree reflect upon themselves, upon their fellow practitioners and upon their practice.
6. To fulfill the harmonious existence of this science as a complement to allopathic drugs and surgery.
7. To provide a basic course of study in the principle of vending, intended for the individuals who are desirous of pursuing a career in vending medical herbs.

General Institute Admission

To be admitted to the institute, applicants must qualify as either domestic or international students.

1.Domestic Students

Applicants must possess valid documentation confirming their legal status as Citizens of Guyana or Permanent Residents.

2.International Students

Applicants who are not domestic students must meet all guidelines established by Guyana’s Immigration Department/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs for International Students studying in Guyana.

  1. All applicants must be High School graduates or 18 years or older at the start of the first academic term unless special admission is granted.
  2. Each applicant must choose an intended primary program of study and will be afforded the opportunity to identify an alternate program of study.

Program Admission

  1. Applicants must be deemed qualified in order to be admitted into a program.
  2. Admission to programs will be granted on a “first qualified, first served” basis.

Special Admission

  1. High School Students

Provisional program admission will be granted to Guyana High School students on the basis of interim High School grades. If any final High School Grades fall below program requirements, applicants will be deemed ineligible for admission and advised accordingly.

  1. Visiting Students

These are students enrolled at other sending institutions and are taking courses from GAAM to grant them credit toward a credentialed program at the sending institution. To be admitted as a Visiting Student, applicants must submit a “Letter of Permission” from the sending institution and must meet GAAM’s Admission Criteria and all prerequisites for each program in which they are seeking enrolment.

  1. Reciprocal Exchange Student

Students, either domestic or international, may be admitted under a reciprocal exchange agreement between the student’s home institution and GAAMI.

Who May Register for a Class

Each person who registers for a class at GAAMI must be admitted as a student in an approved program. The student may take only those courses in the program to which the student is admitted. Students who have not been admitted to a GAAMI program will not be allowed to register for or attend classes. No new student may register for or begin classes after the end of the second week of any term.