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Registered by National Accreditation Council Guyana

15th February, 2015.

Press Release


Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute (GAAMI) invites the Media, alternative medicine practitioners, herbalists and other interested persons to its 2015 Orientation Seminar which has been rescheduled to Saturday, 28th February, 2015 at 10:00am. The venue is BAKJA Health Movement Building, 32-33 Dr Miller Street, Triumph, East Coast Demerara.


Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute (GAAMI) was established in September 2008under the astute leadership of DrIameiAowmathi, President of Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine (GAAM).As its education and training arm GAAMI works in partnership with SCHULE FUR ANGEWANDTE NATURHEILKUNDE(SCHOOL OF NATUROPATHY) ,Witikonerstrasse 295, CH-8053 Zurich/SwitzerlandandADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF GUYANA(AEA)88 Carmichael Street, South Cummingsburg Georgetown Guyana SA. Its main purpose is to strengthen education and research in herbal and alternative medicine, public health and primary health care and to build capacity in the health services of Guyana. GAAMI is duly registered with the National Accreditation Council Guyana since its inception as a post-secondary educational institution.


At GAAMI’s first graduation ceremony on June 22, 2013 three (3) students received the Herbal Practitoner’s Diplomas, and six (6) received Certificates. Honorary Herbal Practitioner’s Diplomas were awarded to three (3) outstanding Alternative Medicine Practitioners: Doctors Joseph Haynes, Harold Peters and Veerasammy Rammayya. The graduating students did their internship at the Bakja Health Movement Holistic Healthcare Clinic under supervision of Dr IameiAowmathi.


For further information, please contact Mr Doodnauth Singh on Telephone numbers 220-2254/613-0175 or by e-mail:


Doodnauth Singh- Chairman, GAAMI Management Board


A Message to the Nation

From GAAM(Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine)

The WHO (World Health Organization) adopted a resolution urging interested Governments to give, quote “adequate importance to the utilization of their traditional systems of medicine, with appropriate regulations as suited for their national health systems”.

Our medical students must be equipped to face the challenge of the unfathomable depth of the medical world. They must learn that every illness has a meaning within the undistinguished mystery of seen and unseen. One not yet forgotten and the other not yet learnt. We have to be truthful in this world of continuous dis-ease, namely that we know in part and prophesy in part, and that dis-ease is not the product of a single isolated factor, but takes place within a total system, and a growing number of Allopathic practitioners are giving closer attention to a variety of healing techniques, once relegated to the realm of the occult. Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine (GAAM) is convinced that the real Alternative for health on the planet, is the combined efforts of all areas of medicine.

The various systems of Indigenous medicine are conditioned by the vast variation in the ecology of our regions and the accumulated wisdom of the people and their experiences. This is what constitutes the substantive knowledge and skill used in Traditional medicine. We therefore need to amalgamate those skills and gain portions of that knowledge, while those who possess it are yet still alive. These methods and techniques are integral parts of our peoples’ culture and the majority still have deep confidence in it. These skills also include prayers, fasting and meditation.

The WHO arrived at the following definition for Alternative Medicine and its practitioners “The sum total of all knowledge and practices, whether explicable or not, used in diagnosis, prevention and elimination of the physical, mental or social imbalance and relying exclusively on practical experience and observation handed down from generation to generation, whether verbally or in writing”.

Individuals and Organizations should enjoy the freedom of choice pertaining to their health, as to which doctor they would prefer and what type of treatment they feel would be more beneficent to their well-being. Our National Health Insurance scheme and other insurance Agencies should support their decisions as well as the other Insurance Agencies. The Health Profession Bill should be democratically designed to accommodate obligations to respect the right of health. To refrain from prohibiting or discriminating Herbal Alternative and Traditional preventative care, healing practices and medicines.

In Keeping with the policies of WHO (World Health Organization) on the inclusion of Alternative and Traditional medicine in Health Care, we are of the opinion that our Allied Health Professional Bill should include GAAM, because according to the present proposed structure of the council there are no professionals capable of decision making, pertaining to Herbal, Alternative and Traditional medicine and their practitioners in Guyana. Our request therefore is to be able to be co-operative within the framework of our Health system in Guyana with our Allopathic doctors, especially in primary Health care.

It is for these obvious reasons why GAAM has established an Institute of learning namely GAAMI (Guyana Association of Alternative Medicine Institute) with lectures conducted by Allopathic, Herbal and Alternative practitioners. GAAMI is recognized by the Accreditation Council of Guyana.

In this way a complied list of Nationally GAAM recognized practitioners would be available and accessible as a monitoring agent for the Ministry of Health. This type of medicine has been existent and applied in some communities for thousands of years, and as new practices are adopted by new populations, there will be new challenges. Regulating this field of medicine is difficult, due to the variations in definitions and categorizations of therapies. Therefore an effort to preserve the knowledge on how to use and practice is needed.

The economic benefits of this medicine especially in the herbal form are highly lucrative in the International market place, and one has to question the efficiency of our economists in seeking revenue to pay or International debts. Annual revenues in Western Europe have reached up to 5 billion US dollars in one year. In China sales totalled 14 billion US million US dollars in the year 2007, our next door neighbour.

The recent herbal trend in toothpaste is an obvious statement to this fact, whereby black sage, fever grass, teazam and peppermint herbs are combined in Colgate. The Worldwide demand for plant derived pharmaceuticals is presently so increasingly significant, that there is immediate need for Caribbean co-operation, production and distribution of herbs and herbal medicine Nationally and Internationally. We can no longer afford to pay the inflated prices out of International loansfor drugs that are collected from our Region, sent to laboratories in Western Nations for screening and analysis, then prepared and sold back to us at exorbitant prices, when we are the countries of origin for the primary raw material.

GAAM is of the opinion that Natures preventative and Curative principles must become a potent and adamant program in the field of Agriculture, for example the Guyana School of Agriculture should introduce programs to equip graduating students to venture in the field of producing not only edible plant but also medicinal plants.

We are presently confronted by the wide spread use of synthetic drugs for which we do not have the financial resources, nor can we finance the technology to produce the demand of Allopathic drugs by synthetic methods, but we still have the alternative use of our naturopathic essential and indispensable cultural heritages.

The legacy left for us to continue to explore in order to ease the dis-ease and suffering among our people, because Indigenous medicine was and will be at no time throughout the history of this planet, static nor dead. Our health officials will then be in a position to suggest alternative drugs for the people, which will then condition us to enact our own patent laws and International Property rights, because there is presently a variety of herbal drugs from our region which are consistent in their applications and results for centuries as experienced in our practice. This knowledge is used as a drug-colonization against us, and obviously our economic gains in this area continue to remain minimal under this scenario.

Since GAAM is professionally involved with the intricacies and practices of Herbal, Alternative and Traditional medicine, the council would therefore be best suited to have qualified practitioners within these fields of medicine, to assist in conducting a professional approach in determining status, formulation and recommendations for these practitioners as well as herbal street vendors. The council must be further equipped to meet the challenges of National policy and regulatory framework, safety, efficiency and quality, as well as a code of ethics along with a botanical safety handbook and label programs.

In this respect, GAAM is seeking to be a recognized regulatory body in this field, representing all members and practitioners who are registered with us. Collaboration with conventional doctors play a major role in our request to be undertaken internationally by a host of other countries seeking to establish better and more efficient health care services, especially in Rural areas. GAAM is In the process of evaluating herbs effectiveness for ailments, its traditional use and its safety and combinations with Allopathic medicine for specific conditions.

The tendency to ridicule what we do not understand is potent in our Caribbean societies. We must not allow this type of ignorance to attach a negative influence to anything that is economical and effective in relieving the people and their communities of persistent suffering. The handicap of prejudice is the arch-enemy of progress and we see that in politics as well as religion. There was laughter when Benjamin Franklin said lightening was electricity.

In closing I would like to quote the Prince of Wales, at the WHO conference on the 23rd May 2006, quote “I can only urge all Health Ministers, politicians and Government representatives in this room today to abandon the conventional mind-set that sees health as solely the remit of a health department. In modern health systems, perhaps your visible success should depend on health outcomes and the degree to which has become the responsibility of every single department in your country’s Government. Only through collaborative thinking can we paint a complete picture of world healing.” end of quote.

The Royal family of England is exclusively attended to by Alternative, Naturopathic , and homeopathic doctors.